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David Norberto “Davy” Luna was born on May 12, 1997 to David and Jeanne Luna in Phoenix, Arizona.  On October 13, 2002, Davy’s life on earth ended at the age of five and he began his new journey with our Father in heaven.

On the surface Davy was like many kids his age.  He loved to ride his bike, drive his motorized truck, golf, ride his skateboard and imitate his brothers Emilio and Dominic.  We noticed right away that Davy would excel at anything he did.  At the age of four he learned to ride his bike without training wheels the first time he tried it and was skateboarding even sooner.  Davy would attempt a stunt on his bike or skate board and yell out, “Yeah Baby!”  Many would credit this to him having older siblings, but it was much more than that.  He wanted to be better than his brothers and fear was not in his vocabulary.  Perhaps this is why he was chosen to look over us and keep us safe. 

Davy would strike up a conversation with anyone that would listen and he had plenty to say.  He would always say “I want to talk”.  Sometimes he would even carry on a conversation with a stuffed animal and bring it to bed with him (which happened to be in Dad and Mom’s bed.)  He called his stuffed toys his “friends.”  Davy had another friend, our Shar Pei puppy, Ginger.  She joined the family when she was just a baby and she had lots of wrinkles.  Davy harassed her constantly, but she never left his side and she certainly did some harassing of her own.  If she wasn’t biting him, she was stealing his clothes and running away from him.  After Davy was gone a strange sadness came over Ginger, and at times it seems like she still looks for him.  When she doesn’t find him, she comes into the living room and lies down as if waiting for him to arrive. 

Davy couldn’t wait to go to school.  He attended Legend Springs and his teacher was Ms. Angela Sapp.  Davy didn’t ease into Kindergarten.  Some habits were a thing of the past, like being able to drop his pants and use the restroom without closing the door.  As funny as it may have been to us, we knew some retraining was needed.  Davy’s grandpa, Papoosh, used positive reinforcement by giving him a dime every time he used the bathroom, closed the door, flushed the toilet and washed his hands.  Davy caught onto this and began pretending to use the restroom to earn extra dimes.  He thought he had everyone fooled.  His little bank was filled with dimes or, like he called it, “Cash.”

Davy was as tough as he was lovable.  We will miss his cheesy smiles, daredevil antics, his dramatic renditions of “Volver” or Cher’s “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves” and especially the joy he brought to the lives of his family and friends.  The impact of Davy’s life cannot be measured by the five short years he was with us.  We loved a lifetimes’ worth and we are forever grateful to have been given him to love.  Still, Davy is most definitely with us, in our hearts.  We miss you so very much, my sweet baby, and we will be together again.

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