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Pay Entry Fee OnlineThis website is dedicated two little boys, David Norberto “Davy” Luna, and Zachary Alan “Zach” Stalls, two little lives lost too soon.  Davy and Zach were both five years old at the time of their deaths from a rare form of meningitis. These two little guys were a joy to be around.  They were constantly on the go.  It is ironic that they did not know each other, but were so much alike. To talk about one was like talking about the other. One would have thought they were twins.  Both liked to be in the water, either in the tub or the swimming pool. They did almost everything the same, liked the same things and both shared one little friend, Cameron, which they both played with.

Davy was taken care of by his grandfather and grandmother while his parents were at work. Davy and his grandfather were always out in the front yard playing golf, going to check mail in his little Silverado Truck, riding his bike, razor scooter or skateboard. He always made sure he had his pads and helmet whenever he was riding his riding toys. When he was in the back yard, he would play with his dog, Ginger. She would always get the best of him, but he didn’t care. He was also a whiz at Nintendo 64. To him, winning was what it was all about.  Whenever he played with someone, if he was losing, he would turn off the game and start over.

When Zach was not in pre-school he was taken care of by his Aunt Cindy while his parents were at work.  When Zach was at home he loved playing with his best friend Jordan who lived next door.  They rode their bikes together, practicing new tricks like no feet, no hands and the coolest of tricks, the nac nac.  Action figures took up a lot of Zach’s attention.  He loved Batman, Superman and Power Rangers.  Zach and his dad battled on the play station and most of the time it always had to do with dirt bikes.  Zach loved to get to higher levels, always wanting to beat his old time records.  He always wanted to out do himself and everyone else, he had amazing drive.

Zach was in pre-school with Linda Humphrey and Davy was in kindergarten at Legend Springs Elementary in Glendale, AZ.

This website and golf tournament is one way of memorializing them.  Keeping their memories alive is what it’s all about. This website will be updated as needed.  As each year goes by, this tournament will definitely grow with the help of family, friends and sponsors.

For more information about the infection that took these two children from us, please download the following file in Adobe PDF format: NAEGLERIA FOWLERI

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